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Already 10 years specialized in organizing trips operates in Egypt from Hurghada, we provide excursions in small groups, allowing us to pay attention more closely to the personal wishes of our customers.

Nothing Impossible

Egypt has so much to offer and we will give you a great excperience.

Egypt was in the old history divided into upper and lower Egypt.

Hurghada was in the end of 1970  still a small fishing village, scarcely visited by tourist. In the years Hurghada has become very popular for tourists around the world. Especially for underwater enthusiasts.

The Nile covers an area of 1500 km, it was  important for agriculture. The Nile flooded every year so there was fertile soil.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, famous mostly because of the 3 Giza pyramids and the Sphinx, as custodian of the dead. Many of the old history has been preserved for over 3500 years. In the Egyptian museum, you can admire these treasures, the Tutankhamun collection most frequently visited.

Luxor (Thebes) In history also called, the city of the God Amun-Re. The Karnak temple, built by at least 30 pharaohs, spanning 2000 years, is worth visiting. The temple consists of columns, a chapel, pylons and the sacred lake. The Egyptians were in the royal temples in the valley of kings and queens drawn.

Alexandria (Al Iskandariyya) discovered by Alexander the Great used to be the capital of Egypt for more then 1000 years. It has the largest library in history. In 1900, the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa accidentally discovered by a donkey fell into the entrance of the royal cemetery. Fort Qaitbay was very important for the defense of Egypt, but also a large part of the mediterranean sea areas.

The Red Sea is known for the incredible marine life. It's paradise for many snorkelers and divers. Fish in all colors and sizes and the beautiful coral reef, making the Red Sea loved by every tourist who visits Hurghada.